Airu Inuzuka (犬塚藍瑠 Inuzuka Airu) is the older brother of Romio Inuzuka.


Unlike his younger brother, Airu is very intelligent and diligent in most regards, as a result he is serious and strict when leading the Black Doggie House. This was seen again when he punished the other members such as shaving the hair of one member to give him a effeminate haircut and threatening Eigo Kohitsuji for trying to peek on the girls.

While he carries the same hostility to the White Cats House, he is not seen fighting them and treats them like equals but will subject them to the same treatment of the Black Doggies. This was seen when he punished Scott Fold along with the Black Doggies (his brother included).

Since his father's death, he has most responsibilities and upholding the family's status and takes great pride in it. He will take it lightly if the slightest tarnish appear, as seen when he keeps his brother in line though he does seem to love him and show care towards him.

Airu is prideful and can be a sore loser, as seen when he challenged Romio to another battle to make up for his loss.


  • He suspects Romio and Persia's secret relationship, though he seemed to openly detest it in front of the other Black Doggies, it is suggested he actually supports it.